As of August 2011, the AVGWLF watershed modeling software that has been available since 1999 (including GWLF-E and PRedICT) will no longer be supported. It is being replaced by MapShed, which essentially duplicates the functionality of AVGWLF within a non-commercial GIS software environment called MapWindow. Both the MapWindow software, as well as the customized interface and related modeling tools associated with MapShed, are available for download via this site. As described elsewhere, the core watershed model (GWLF) has also been considerably enhanced to provide additional capabilities not included in the older version of the model used in AVGWLF.

  If you have any questions about MapShed, please contact one of the following individuals:

For general distribution, use questions, or technical support issues contact contact:

Dr. Barry M. Evans

For program installation questions or errors, or technical support issues contact:

Kenneth J. Corradini

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